A multimedia dance theatre project with music, sound, video and audio art, and science.

The Idea
In a synoptic way we try to create a new understanding of art and science through simultaneous presentation of visual fixed observations of the activities in a brain and dance expression

You will see the activity and morphology of shooting nerve cells and answering cells, and also the structural dynamic of glia cells in the neighbourhood. At the same time you will see on the stage a reflective, interactive dance, which will be generated by the brain activities of the dancer. In this way results of investigations are visible. It is a combination of emotional experience and rational observation that leads you to the union and differences between science and art.

Frank Kirchhoff, PhD. neuroscientist at the Max-Planck-Institute for experimental Medicine in Göttingen, listed structural changes in the region of the synapses and their electric activities with high-zooming microscope techniques. Pictures out of the inner zone of the nervous system will be animated in 3D and projected on a screen: the dynamic of brain structures will be visible. These animations are created by Akira Endo. Electric signals will be visualised on the stage. In an intense communication with these pictures and video signals Tadashi Endo will express the spaces in between, accompanied by the overtone-singing of Sainkho Namtchylak and the composed sound and music of Sam Auinger and Johannes Strobl.

In this project the dancer tries to express life in interaction with light effects and music, the birth of life, first perceptions, the result of nervous impulses and wrong impulses.

Two complete different worlds dance and science, butoh dance and neurogenteics collaborate in the investigation of the same phenomenon: the space between the things.

We are trying to present the audience the scientific knowledge of our brain in combination with far east master dance and modern video and audio technique.
The multimedia collaboration and the high level of the quality make SYNAPSIS unique and an innovative artwork.