Tadashi Endo

— Butoh-dancer, choreographer & director —

Butoh-dancer, choreographer, director of the Butoh-Centre MAMU and artistic director of the Butoh-Festivals MAMU Butoh & Jazz in Göttingen embodies in the truest sense of that word the wisdom of both, the Western and Oriental dance and theatre traditions.
After his study as a theatre director at the famous Max-Reinhardt-Seminar in Vienna, he performed with collaboration with jazz musicians.

In 1989 he met Kazuo Ohno who already then realized a deep relationship between Endo’s dance and the Butoh-dance.
Since then Tadashi Endo developped his movements to that ethetic and expressive dance, as you can see today.

His dance is like a synthesis of theatre, performance and dance, Tadashi Endo succeeds to express the field of tension between ying and yang, male and female and their everlasting alteration.
He is the master of being “in between”, that is Butoh MA.

Since several years Tadashi Endo works together with Germany’s most popular film- and opera director DORIS DÖRRIE, for example as choreographer for the opera Madame Butterfly (Theater am Gärtnerplatz München 2006), for the cinema film HANAMI-KIRSCHBLÜTEN (2007), the opera ADMETO (International Haendel Festival Göttingen and International Festival Edinburgh 2009) and DON GIOVANNI (Hamburgische Staatsoper 2011.2012).
In all these productions Tadashi Endo also appears as a solo dancer.

Since 2009 there is continuous collaboration with Italy’s prima ballerina assoluta CARLA FRACCI, like in the project „I HAVE A DREAM“ (Teatro Massimo/Palermo Sicily 2009), and FUTURISMO (Teatro Nazionale in Rome, Italy 2010).

Tadashi Endo has the position as a guest professor at the Hochschule für Darstellende Kunst Frankfurt am Main, Germany, The Academy of Music and Dance in Jerusalem, Israel, and at the Nucleo Interdisciplinar des Pesyuisas TeatrUnicamp, University Campinas, Brazil.