Tadashi Endo’s idea :

Humans – what is male and what is female? The sexual organs are the diferences, but is it not possible that the genetic characteristics like male or female exist in all humans? Are the movements so different? May be that the civilisation lead us to this inflexible standardisation of behavior. And could it be that during the puberty these behavioral patterns are related to one or the other side? What about if some humans have an undetermined development genetically and also behaviorally.
What is normal? Those humans who are definitely proved as female or male or those who are in between – between gender – Intersexual?

When I am dancing I cannot say if I am presenting female or male movements. Although I am sometimes dressed in women’s kimonos, I cannot say that I feel like a woman or a disguised man. Sometimes I even cannot say if I am a human being or any other living creature.

The fact is it is all about life with all it’s shadows. Why we cannot accept all forms of life, animals, plants, humans, female, male, androgynous and intersexual. All in life is always IN BETWEEN – in MA.