KI ME RA – a dance spectacle
Thoughts to the piece:

Tadashi Endo was inspired by his own memories of childhoood and the film “DREAMS” from Akira Kurosawa to create a dance spectacle.


Walking – walking your way of life. It is a nearly endless journey, carrying an unvisible burden on the back, which weight is growing in each period of life.

The way of life is like a fair with interesting, funny, frightening, farcical, romantic, sad and wonderful meetings and adventures. They are like art exhibitions in a museum. On one hand you are watching them with a certain distance, on the other hand you dive into the pictures. Everybody has his own museum.

But the burden on your back gets more and more heavy. Sometimes you want to free your self from this burden, but as soon as you lay it down, you are missing it. You feel empty and lost. Because this burden is your soul. Arriving at your goal of life, the soul is leaving you and goes straight to the light. All becomes bright and white, so shining and endless white, but not dazzling – it is an attractive emptiness. They call it a white soul, which is walking further and further along.

Tadashi Endo