Thoughts to the piece:
Human body can be recycled, but what is about the soul?

After death the body is changing its form, it becomes dry, slowly develops to dust or earth, , and finaly is blowing with the wind.
Mixed with the rain again cells are growing, bacterias, trees,plants, animals are coming out of this dust and again a human being will be born.

The human being has not only a body, but also his mind and soul. You can see the body but not the spirit and the soul. But everybody knows that these invisible material exists like the air.

After death the human soul is still existing, for example the feelings, the memories, where do they go to?
In a dream we can meet dead people or we can fly to the sky. That means our soul and those of all the dead people still exist all the time.
Before birth the embryo is developping more and more day by day, and also its spirit, it is like a metamorphosis. Our life on this earth is only a period in our whole existence. A visible body is drapped around our souls, like a present is drapped with wonderful paper or cloth, so that you cannot see it before opening.

May be you can see somebody’s soul just at that moment when you feel inspired by him. But talking about enthousiasm, we mean something else, something that is nearly weird, the soul.

Do only human being have a soul?
What is about the relationsship between humans and nature? The evolution of mankind and nature is a phenomenon.

In Japanese language nature means shi zen. The chinese symbols for this word have the meanings: shi =me and zen = for example. Nature is an example of myself and I am an example of the nature.

We are surrounded by nature, although we do not realize it, nature is always around us.
But till now we did not discover the nature in ourselves. This expedition is the subject of this project,
You feel good when you see beautiful flowers, wonderful landscapes, perhaps in the same way as if you are healthy and in a good mood. But there are mountanis and valleys, there is light and shadow, the bright and the dark side, the sick and the healthy side of the body.

To realize and discover SHI ZEN, that is the idea of this piece.

Tadashi Endo