„MABOROSHI – in Japanese it means creature without shape. It means the souls of mankind.“

„All people have a body and a soul. The body disappears, but the soul is floating to somewhere. Is it invisible?
Also dead people can dream and only in the dream they can contact us. Then we have the feeling as if something is in the room. We don’t know what, but we feel it. Some dead people never can rest in peace because they died an unnatural dead e.g. through murder, torture, by accident. Again and again they appear as deformed creatures. They are the undead. But finally death is a transparent beautiful ghost.
True love is like a ghost.“

When Tadashi Endo is dancing an atmosphere is arising which let us believe that not only the real dancer is on stage but also SOMETHING around him (jurei, maboroshi or ghost). „This SOMETHING all experience together, the audience, the dancer, the stage – during the dance they are all MABOROSHI.“ (Tadashi Endo)