Some thoughts to this piece:

” The more I am living far way from my homecountry, the more I feel my roots.
Japan – always far away, but the Japanese mother-earth is still carrying me.
In my dreams I am talking to my father, who is already dead.
The feelings my father gave to me are still awake – “recycled”.
And I hope that my soul will be recycled in my children.

It is a long and ever lasting way, as long as I am living and dancing on this world.
I will dance but I don’t want “to show” dance. Does my dance exist here and now with us?
We are embarassing ourselves in this feeling that exists absolutely.
This time is visible and touchable for us.”

A candle light will be put out,
but the wick leaves a trail.
The wax still protects it.

Give something instead of taking.
Dead people are carrying us.
This is why we are standing on the earth.
Thanks to the dead people.
Owing to the dead people you are so alive.

Big fire destroyed the country.
Darkness before and afterwards.
In the darkness you find a small light.
Your energy goes straight to the light,
Like all the living beeings do.
Short candle life, long candle-light

Tadashi Endo