When the body speaks, in which language?
Different bodies – different languages.
Butoh is Ganimata – bow legs. European dance is straight.
Are the Japanese bodies and the European bodies different, or do we want to build them different?
Language is communication between humans.
Is it possible that the body’s language can communicate with the nature?
While speaking the intonation, melody and speed are very important.
When the body speaks, you cannot measure the speed.
While talking the breath stops, you cannot hear anything.
Tension – stopped movement – silence.
Fudo no do – moving in order not to move.
A moment so thrills, as if everything would crash down to the floor with violent noise.

Where do the spoken words fly to?
Like millions of shining stars they are raising into the sky.
When we are talking or when we are quiet, the body is shining or standing in the shadow.
Like the stars shine or disappear.

Keiken – mind experience
Taiken – event, body experience

When the body speaks we do have an event,
an event that we cannot time, because time is the law of nature. Checked with our human measurements.
For example: you can pour the water into a bowl slowly or quickly.
The water, which fills the bowl, has no time.

Life has no limits.
Growing means slowly going to death.
Birth is the first step to death.
To count lifetime, is like nothing – MU
Nothing – MU is all.
A journey into the body’s landscape this time is longer than the time from birth to death.

Tadashi Endo



This piece expresses the suffering of a man during war.
Still alive he remembers all his friends, who died.
The memories of all experiences, he made during war, make him crazy.
Again and again he felt fear and courage, hate and love, desparation and hope.

What is the reason for war???

Only the children will give us hope for a better world.