HA DÔ (Wave Motion) by Tadashi Endo with Yvette Bozsik Company, National Dance Theatre Budapest, Hungary

HA DÔ will be presented at the 10th Thatre Olympics in Budapest.

Choreography: Tadashi Endo
Lighting Design: József Pető
Visual Design: Tamás Vati
Costume designer: Nikoletta Bati
Music: Daniel Maia
Creative Producer: Marcell Iványi

“Where can people find a true home?
Perhaps where they can find love and safety?
Could this be the reason for the wandering
throughout our lives incessantly?”
Tadashi Endo

Tadashi Endo is presented his work HA DÔ in Hungary in 2019, after Brazil and Germany, performed by the then 25 year old Yvette Bozsik Company. Their joint premiere was the result of three years of collaboration between Tadashi Endo and the Yvette Bozsik Company, after butoh workshops in Budapest. 

The performance is a memento to the all-time victims of wars.



Budapest, Kis Rókus u. 16-20, 1024T



Yvette Bozsik Company
Information: Marcell Iyani, marcell@marcellivanyi.com

-->> HA DÔ at the National Dance Theatre Budapest
-->> HA DÔ at the 10th Theatre Olympics in Budapest


>>Bach Butoh<< performance with urban string quartet & Tadashi Endo, Hamburg, Germany

>>Bach Butoh<< performance with urban string quartet

    Tadashi Endo, Butoh
    Nika Son, Elektrokustische Komposition
    Ensemble Resonanz

Open Intense Butoh Workshop in Göttingen, Germany - with Tadashi Endo and co-Trainer Jesser de Souza (Brazil)

Open Intense Butoh Workshop with Tadashi Endo and co-Trainer Jesser de Souza, Brazil
Technical Training for Performers, led by Jesser de Souza
Directed towards dancers, actors and those interested in the practical study of the body and the creation of the phenomenon of presence on stage.
The workshop offers a general panorama of the daily training developed by LUME’s performers for almost forty years:
Recognizing and dilating the expressive capacities of the body. Using concrete methodologies, the workshop covers basic principles of the performer’s craft such as: ethics (self-discipline and autonomy); preparation and readiness (warm-up of body-mind and presence); energetic aspects and techniques of the craft (the transformation of weight into energy, the dynamics of physical actions in time and space, the relationship with the ground, the relationship with the air, the use of the articulations and segmentation of the body, modulation of energy and the play between performers).



A Butoh dance theatre piece from and with Tadashi Endo
and three international dancers.